The School


The École Pivaut’s history is a continuous one.

The school was founded by Gérard Pivaut in 1985 in Nantes. It was the first Nantes’ private school of art professionally oriented in the city, based on drawing and basics. At the opening, three training courses were offered : Advertising, Industrial design and Decorative painting. During the 90’s, the success of the school was measurable by the number of the students which has been increased by sixfold. In response to that development, the school created preparatory years in Nantes, which was at the time a novel device in France.

High level training

The 2000s’ were synonymous of a new step for the school, realized by the setting up of two major poles : Applied arts and Narrative drawing. New courses have been added to the training : Illustration-Edition, 2D Animation, Comic strip and more recently 3D Animation and Concept artist.

Thoughout all those years, the school has developped teachings whose academic and technical qualities are acknowledged by the professions to which students are being trained. These training require rigor and creativity, organization and curiosity, but especially passion and personal commitment.

Real jobs opportunities

To correspond perfectly to the reality of the working world, the pedagogy of the school is based on two points : the frequent renewal of the contents of the courses and the enhancement of the training. These values assure the students to have optimal conditions for their job research at the end of their studies.

Today, by the range of their courses, Ecole Pivaut offers a unique training in France.

To go on with their innovation dynamics, the school opens up to the international thanks to the foundation of a second school in Montreal, the place to be in the video games’ universe and animation movies’s world.