Nantes is a city built on a prestigious past and yet resolutely forward-looking, that asserts itself as one of the key urban areas of France.

The city of the Dukes of Brittany and Jules Verne is the cradle of prosperous companies such as LU factories. Nantes has known how to for a long time how to combine arts and leisure activities.

” The Journey in Nantes “, the Royal de Luxe company’s parades, the Machines of the Isle and their gigantic creations, the celebrations of the Erdre river, among other events, the festivals and the cultural happenings, which are held in the city all year round, and contribute to strengthen its attractiveness.

Acknowledged as a city with a high quality of life based on the dynamism of its infrastructures, Nantes also benefits from the support of the public authorities.

Winner of the “Green Capital of Europe” prize in 2013, Nantes has had besides the label “Metropoles French Tech” which values the ecosystems of start-ups, since November, 2014.

More recently, the annual scheduling of “Web2Day” and the “Nantes Digital Week” has ranked Nantes as a modern city, anchored in the era of the digital age.