New Campus in Montreal:

From the start of the 2017-2018 school year, École Pivaut will offer a new narrative training in drawing in Quebec.

Campus in Montreal

After 31 years of experience in France, École Pivaut, one of the three major French schools of decorative and narrative arts, sets up in Montreal in the district Mile End, to offer specialist training.

In three years, get ready for promising jobs, with a high capacity of recruitment in Quebec.

Fundamental, drawing and artistic development of the students are the key words of École Pivaut, to integrate the technical bases essential to their future artistic studies.

Our 3 years training :

  • 1st non-specialized year with a unique education founded on the basis of the creative and academic drawing: Model living, anatomy, still life, academic drawing, structure, color, documentary studies, prospect, story, storyboard …


  • 2nd year Comics or Franco-belgian comics : Implementation and discovery of the professional techniques of creation of the comics and the comic strip: scenario, storyboard, narrative drawing, illustration, concept, digital technology, put in color…
  • 3rd year Comics or Franco-belgian comics : Improvement and realization of an individual project; an individual professional file must be presented at the end of the studies.


  • 2nd year 2D and 3D Animation movies  : Implementation and discovery of the professional techniques of creation in animation :  Scenario, storyboard, realization, animation, decorations, digital technology, concept, volume of characters, compositing…
  • 3rd year 2D and 3D Animation movies : Improvement and realization of an individual cartoon movie presented at the end of the studies.

How to join one of our classes ?

– You must be a Canadian citizen or a resident of Canada

– At least you must possess the DCS ( Diploma of College Studies )

– Have an interview : present a file of drawings which demonstrates your skills and shows your real motivation.


Vous souhaitez intégrer notre campus à Montréal ? Remplissez le formulaire ci-dessous et nous prendrons contact avec vous dès que possible.

Conformément à la législation française en vigueur : art. 34 de la loi "Informatique et Libertés" du 6 janvier 1978, vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression de vos données personnelles.


Need more information ?

Contact us at :


Our students are trained by professionals : academic draftsmen, 2D-3D animators, concept artists, illustrators and comics draftsmen…

The training is dedicated to the acquiring of the techniques of the professional jobs.

Thus, our students become real professionals so that, from the end of their studies, they can adapt themselves to the necessities of the job in which they will be employed.

The teaching is supervised by professionals – Americans, Canadians and Quebeckers – famous in the world of comics and 2D animation, as well as by former students of Ecole Pivaut who have been living in Montreal for several years.

Every sector of studies is equipped with computer hardware equivalent to that of the major digital companies.

Our partners : Adobe, Wacom, Toonboom…

Our establishment is open 24 hours a day, all week long to students (from the second year) so that everyone of them can take advantage of the computer rooms and of the living environment.


Companies that recruit in Quebec :

Some examples :



Jobs by the 2D-3D animation, comics and illustration: the key figures of the employment in Quebec

Source BCTQ 2016

  • 36 companies or studios specialized in animation or visual effects in Quebec
  • Average age of the workers = 26 years old.
  • Average annual salary > 63 500$
  • 88% of hiring in 2014-2015 = Graphic designers and Illustrators.

Forecasts for 2020 :

  • Growth increase by more than 82,5 %, that is 2250 extra jobs.
  • Need for 2D and 3D animators & specialized artists (lighting, sets, textures, etc.).


Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada

The cosmopolitan city of Montreal constitutes the second biggest city in Canada asserts itself as the economic heart of Quebec and shows a happy mix between the inheritance of the old continent and the wealth of the New World.

Since its discovery in 1535 by Jacques Cartier, the city has considerably developed.

Renowned for its community, Montreal is a cultural city, which offers numerous opportunities to entertain oneself (Festival of the movies of the world, FrancoFolies, etc.).

Being an artistic city, a real open-air art gallery with its streets that present lots of works of art doesn’t prevent Montreal from being deeply rooted in modernity with his numerous festivals dedicated to the digital arts.

Considered as ” the Hollywood of the video game”, Montreal welcomes a multitude of studios of development today, among which Ubisoft, Electronics Arts or Eidos.

By its various facets, Montreal can be defined as the city where anything is possible.